Frequently Asked Questions

Bidding systems

You can choose between 2 bidding systems :

  • SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card) is the Standard American bidding system. It is based on 5-card majors and a strong 1NT. It is the most popular system played in many countries and is also prevalent in online bridge games. It includes a number of conventions that can be used to better describe your hand and find the optimal contract. They include: weak 2s, Limit raises, strong 2Clubs, Stayman, Jacoby 2NT, Splinters, Blackwood, negative doubles, …to name but the most popular ones.

  • 2/1 was developed to improve on some of the perceived weaknesses of SAYC and is now becoming the new standard in high level competitions.. 2/1 is very similar to Standard American but there are two major differences:
    • A new-suit two-level response to a 1♥/♠ opening is forcing to game.
    • The response of 1NT to a 1♥/♠ opening is forcing.
    These changes and their development are seen as enabling their users better ways to explore potential slams and to better find part score trump contracts. However, 2/1 tends to be more complex and less intuitive than SAYC.

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